Contract Regulations


1. Registration

The registration must be made on the appropriate form "registration" (as a PDF file to download on the page "Contact"). For each participant a separate registration form has to be sent in. With the registration, the participant recognizes the contract regulations. The contract becomes effective with the acceptance by Bergpfad, in the form of a written registration confirmation. If the written confirmation by Bergpfad, in an exceptional case contains a deviation from the contents of the registration, the registration shall be binding, if the customer does not resign within 8 days.

2. Declaration of consent

The customer agrees with the storage of his data for internal use by Bergpfad.

3. Payment

At registration, we ask the entire amount to be paid. The written registration is valid only after receipt of the total amount.

4. Service performance

The coverrage of the performed services results from the tour descriptions as from the confirmed registration.

5. Insurance

Insurances are not included in the tour price.

6. Changes in prices and service

The published prices correspond to the known standard at printing. At a price increase, the customer is entitled to cancel the contract. Bergpfad reserves the right to change the touring programme as far as it is required due to e.g. weather reasons (avalanche situation, etc.) in order to ensure the safety of the participants.

7. Resignation

Cancellation by the client
The customer may, at any time before the tour resign by written declaration. Important is the timely receiption of the statement by Bergpfad. Resigning before the tour results in following charges per person.
- Until 21 days before the beginning of the tour 30.- Euro handling fee
- 20th to 8th day before the tour 50% of the tour price
- from 7th day 60% of the tour price

Resignation and cancellation by Bergpfad
Bergpfad can resign the contract before the start of the tour in the following cases:
a. Up to 4 weeks before the start of the tour in failure to achieve the minimum number of participants. The customer will be informed immediately by the resignation. The allready made payment will be paid back.
b. Without giving notice, if the customer did not pay the tour price in accordance with the agreements.

8. Liability

a. As tour operator I am responsible for the conscientious tour preparation and execution, as an ordinary businessman. Especially for the accuracy of the service description and the proper provision of the services contracted for.
b. Participation on the tours is at your own risk. The tour operator assumes no liability for loss, theft, damage, accidents or other irregularities. There will be no liability for the equipment of the participant’s objects.

9. Statute of Limitations

Claims for non contractual provision barred 6 months after the tour ends. Damage claims from tort 3 years after the contractually agreed tour end.

10. Jurisdiction, Others

Bergpfad can be sued only at its general jurisdiction in Landshut. The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the agreement shall not affect the validity of the whole agreement.

By signing the registration form the participant or his guardian explains his approval with terms and conditions.