Bergpfad ... a different kind of nature experience

My first contact with the mountains was in the age of three, when my father 'carried' me during a hike in the Alps. A few years later, we would camp overnight, which always gave me a special pleasure. These early memories have forever influenced my life.

Peter Gruss

Over decades I have discovered the most beautiful landscapes in many remote places. In Scandinavia, British Columbia, Alaska, Northern Europe, the mountains of South Africa and also the South American Andes. But roaming the mountains at home in the Alps always hold a particular thrill for me.

Today, our lives are filled with high speed information and media saturation. The constant presence of mass media, and the assumption that we are permanently accesible, prevents us from finding enough time to relax. As a result, time flies past us and drains our energy.

This is where my personalized tours come in. They consist of various easy to difficult mountain hikes in well-chosen countrysides.

We close the days at the campfire – away from civilization – and sleep under the stars in hammocks. It is an unforgettable experience, which restores our energy and brings us peace of mind, allowing us to open new room for our thoughts.

Everybody´s safety and enjoyment during the hikes are our top priorities (…otherwise it would be bad for my image). However, experiencing nature at close quarters is obviously the more important part of our trips.

Peter Gruss